More Summer Love - Celebrities Who Adore Vanderhall Part II

*Cover Photo Credit: Nik West

A car's life averages around 200,000 miles. From commuting, to taking kids to soccer practice, to getting to the grocery store, most of a car's miles are not very exciting. Good thing summer is here to give us an excuse to go on more scenic drives.

What better way to spend those miles looking gorgeous scenery than in a Vanderhall Motorworks vehicle? These vehicles are some of the best in enhancing summer drives. Incorporating the best features from motorcycles and old racing cars, Vanderhall's three-wheeled models (the VeniceCarmel, and Edison) are unique, stylish, and fast. Designed specifically for city, sport, and tour driving, these vehicles are gaining more popularity.

Why just take my word for it? In a previous blog post, I wrote about five major celebrities, including Shaquille O'Neal, who love Vanderhall's vehicles. Here are six other major celebrities who also adore Vanderhall's models. See what they have to say about these stylish cruisers. 

Nik West

Occupation: Musician/Bassist/Producer

Work: Recording credits include work with Quincy Jones Productions, Prince, Glee, American Idol, Dave Stewart, and more. Shared stages with John Mayer, Sugarland, Macy Gray, Bootsy Collins, George Clinton/Funkadelic, and Orianthi. Cover girl for American Musical Magazine. (Nik West)


  • She has posted several photos on social media including one with the a Vanderhall at Randy's Donuts with a caption reading, "A few of my favorite things! #vanderhall." (Twitter), an introduction post when she bought the car (Instagram), and a music video while sitting on her Vanderhall. (Youtube)
  • "@vanderhall thank you!!! Love you guys!." (Nik West Instagram Comment)

Jay Leno

Occupation: Comedian/Television Personality

Work: Hosted NBC's The Tonight Show for 21 years and Jay Leno's Garage for another 5 years. (


  • "I'm fascinated by this, because this is a classic example of boutique manufacturing. You know, here in America as manufacturing becomes more efficient, more and more people are able to get into the car business. That's what makes [Vanderhall] so interesting."(Youtube)
  • "Feels incredibly stable...I've got plenty of leg room..It's a lot of fun to drive. Has just enough horsepower to get yourself in trouble and have fun, and plus, I'm surprised [that] you can get it at that price point...I must say it is very comfortable." (Youtube)
  • "It's fast. It's made in the United States. [Vanderhall] shows you how using manufacturing expertise to cut everything down to the wire and do it as efficiently as possible, I mean we couldn't build this car in my garage for $29,000 making it ourselves...It's a lot of fun to drive." (Youtube)

Jay Leno's Garage Features Vanderhall MotorworksPhoto Credit: duPont Registry Daily

Lewis Howes

Occupation: New York Times Bestselling Author & Pro Athlete

Work: Wrote The School of Greatness and The Mask of Masculinity. Former professional football player in the Arena Football League, and two-sport All-American athlete out of high school. Currently, on the USA Men's National Handball team. (


  • "This is another level!! Never received a gift like this in my life🎁. Was in shock and blown away by the generosity of my friends What’s even crazier is I was out last night and saw someone driving this @vanderhall in LA and thought to myself how cool this car is and wanted to test drive it. Little did I know it would show up on my doorstep the next morning! I can drive around LA weekends in style 😎.” (Facebook)

Lewis Howes With His Vanderhall


Paulina Michaels

Occupation: Actress

Work: Known for being a part of the motorsports women's TV network called Fast Girls Network. She has also worked on movies such as Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, Red Sparrow, and Trust Me. (IMBD)


  • "Very easy to drive, and it's pretty cool, especially if you are more into classic cars. This one definitely has the look, and I think the feel as well." (Youtube)
  • "The wheel itself is absolutely stunning...[the car] also sounds pretty awesome...I like the sound of it. If the car is fast but it doesn't sound good then it is not worth having. " (Youtube)
  • "I totally love it! From the way it looks, to the way it sounds, to the way it feels. Everything about [Vanderhall] is auto-freaking amazing." (Youtube)

If you want the official Vanderhall Motorworks hat Paulina is wearing in this video, click here.

Stephanie Beatriz

Occupation: Actress

Work: Known for her work in television on shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and in movies like Short Term 12 and The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part. (IMDB)


  • In her social media post with a red Vanderhall Carmel she put the race car, dust cloud, and hand peace sign emojis showing how much she loves the speed of the car. (Instagram)

Stephanie Beatriz With Her Vanderhall

Chuck Lidell

Occupation: Professional MMA Fighter

Work: Known as The Iceman, he was UFC World Light Heavyweight Champion for two years, a UFC Hall of Fame inductee, USMTA North American Heavyweight Title champion, IFK National Heavyweight Title champion, and IFC Heavyweight Champion. (Chuck Liddell)


  • In a social media post, he put out a photo of him and his kids riding their Vanderhall. "Having fun with my kids," is the caption. (Instagram)

Chuck Liddell Riding His Vanderhall Vehicle With His Kids

Summer Drives Awaiting

Vanderhall Motorworks makes unique vehicles that celebrities are raving about. Each model's make and apparel are helping stars find fun in driving again while sporting new style. Vanderhall is their perfect summer vehicle, so why not let it be yours? Summer drives are waiting for you.


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