Getting to Know Gracia Lee - Stadium Gear & Apparel's New Artist

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"Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future." (Robert L. Peters) 

Gracia Lee is an up and coming graphic designer that is a new addition to the Stadium Gear & Apparel family. From her family's influence to her college studies, Gracia has a great story of how she came to love graphic design.

I recently had the chance to ask her a few questions on her roots and why she is pursuing a graphic design career.

Getting to Know Gracia Lee

Gracia, thank you for answering a few of my questions. I am excited that your new apparel has been released on Stadium Gear & Apparel. Tell me a little more about your background before you put your work up with us.

I’m currently pursuing a [Bachelor of Fine Arts] in Graphic Design at BYU in Provo, Utah. I was raised in northern Utah by my two parents (who are both designers as well). My current design background is in branding, but I’m also very interested in user experience design and research. I love boogie boarding, reading, and eating dark chocolate chips.

What drew you to studying graphic design?

My parents definitely exposed me to the fascinating world of design at a young age. My dad is a UX designer and my mom studied graphic design at BYU. With their guidance, I’ve found my own passion for design and have decided to pursue a design career.

What has been the greatest thing you have learned from studying graphic design?

Design has taught me a lot about having a thorough attention to detail. I’ve been lucky enough to head several branding projects and style guide development with Utah organizations like the Deseret News, Church News, and Girls Lobby. Experiences like these have taught me a lot about the different components of a brand, and how important it is to pay attention to detail.

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Where would you like to end up in your career?

I’m not completely sure yet, but I’m particularly interested in research. I’m able to do research when I’m working in branding and (obviously) in UX. I know I’m super excited to pursue a full time career in design after graduation, wherever I end up.

If you had some advice for up and coming artists, what would you tell them?

Talk to people in your field! Ask for advice and feedback on the things you make. Art is a very personal thing, and I know that asking other people to critique what you make can be incredibly difficult. However, in order to get better and improve you need to take feedback and critically examine your work.

And finally, what is your favorite sport?

Does surfing count? I think it does!

. . .

Gracia is a great designer whose new apparel enhances any sports fan's experience.

Be sure to check out her full Stadium Gear & Apparel collection to support her design career.

For a full portfolio or to inquire about her services, you can check out her website here.


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