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Preface: In a July 2020 BBC article, Jon Arnold wrote about the most interesting soccer clubs in Americathe ones that don't exist. You heard me right; some of the most popular teams are those that are fictional. Stretching from New Jersey to Utah, fake soccer clubs are not only appearing, but gaining massive support from big name people like Danny DeVito, Gaten Matarazzo, Nick Rimando, and others. 

Recently, I had the chance to meet Will Mussack, founder of Pontchartrain Beach FC. With my fascination in these new sports brands that connect to local communities, I loved hearing his story of forming Pontchartrain to be the next big fictional football club. I am grateful that he took the time to write out and share his story for the first time ever in a blog article.

Enjoy the read!

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Pontchartrain Beach FC - Flooded Not Forgotten

By Will Mussack

My name is Will Mussack, and this is the story of Pontchartrain Beach FC (PBFC), New Orleans’ original football club #floodednotforgotten. PBFC is meant to be a blank canvas for me to create a soccer club for the city of New Orleans, Louisiana that connects to the community in a unique way.  

Soccer plays a massive part of my life as the game was introduced to me at birth. My dad, William Mussack, is my greatest influence as he introduced the game to me and had his own love for the game that only fueled my passion even more. I have been a soccer advocate all my life as I played for local youth clubs in the Greater New Orleans area, and at the collegiate level  for William Carey University (Hattiesburg, MS). After college I made the cross country move to  Salt Lake City, UT to start a new adventure where I gained for full time job with Major League  Soccer (MLS) team, Real Salt Lake, National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) team, Utah Royals FC, & United Soccer League (USL) team, Real Monarchs, holding positions in both the  partnerships and marketing departments. I am currently playing for the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) team, African Stars FC, based in Salt Lake City, UT where I am also helping out with business development.  

So, now that you know a little bit more about me and my history with the game of soccer I can start telling you the story of Pontchartrain Beach FC, but first say it with me “Pon-cha-train” Beach FC. Good! Now you sound like a true Louisiana native.

Pontchartrain Beach was an amusement park in New Orleans, LA on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain from 1928-1983. Unfortunately, due to low attendance and other financial difficulties, the amusement park was forced to close its gates.

Being greatly inspired by thriving fake soccer team Saltair FC's unique mythical story on the old Saltair amusement park near Salt Lake City, UT, I realized that Pontchartrain Beach FC needed to come to reality. Utilizing my novice knowledge of logo design, I came up with a few concepts. Luckily, Gabi Mussack (BFA of Graphic Design at Louisiana State University), "Geaux Tigers, took the concepts to development and produced what represents the club today.

Pontchartrain Beach F.C. - New Orleans Original Football Club

Moving forward I want to see Pontchartrain Beach FC turn into a brand that is recognized by the soccer community of the Greater New Orleans area and maybe develop into a legitimate team that represents the city in the Gulf Coast Premier League. For now, this team/ brand is just a blank canvas for me to build upon as I see fit.  


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If you would like to learn more or collaborate, follow on Instagram at @pontchartrainbeachfc.

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