Falling in Love: More Celebrities Who Adore Vanderhall

Cover Photo Credit: Martin Riese

Vanderhall Motor Works has a unique take on three-wheelers. With inspiration from old racing cars, Vanderhall takes the best elements of a motorcycle and installs them to a safer, yet open riding vehicle. The Venice, Carmel, and Edison models are unique, stylish, and fast. Designed specifically for city, sport, and tour driving, these vehicles are gaining more popularity, especially among celebrities.

In previous blog posts, I shared 11 celebrities who are big Vanderhall fans. To see who we covered, check out the features here.

Today's article features five more celebrities who love these three-wheeled luxury vehicles. See what they have to say about and how involved they are with these stylish cruisers.

Martin Riese

Occupation: Water Sommelier/Advocate/Author

Work: Received certification as a Mineral Water Sommelier from the German Mineral Water Trade Association, co-authored the critically acclaimed, leading European book on the subject, Die Welt des Wasser (World of Water), created signature water programs at Ray's & Stark Bar at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, The New York Times, Bon Appetite, Los Angeles Times, NPR, Buzzfeed, Conan O'Brien, Bill Nye Saves the World, and the Netflix show, "Down to Earth with Zac Efron."


  • He owns a Vanderhall with a Martini Racing brand wrap around it
  • He is very active on the Facebook Vanderhall Owners Forum, even suggesting to go on rides with other Vanderhall owners in the LA area.
  • He takes a lot of photos and posts regularly on his social media in front of or with his Vanderhall

Ricky Gadson

Occupation: Professional Motorsports Drive & TV Personality

Work: 11X world champion drag racer, host of Caffeine and Octane show, drag racing school instructor


  • "Ever since I first laid eyes on the Vanderhall Venice in LA, I knew that I had to have this exciting, sexy, new class of motorcycling in my collection. This is the perfect fit for me and the 62 brand. It's like nothing else out there. And to ride this thing is an experience like no other. I'm turning heads everywhere I go. The Vanderhall is quick, it's sleek, its sophisticated and it's ME. Its truly exciting to be part of the Vanderhall brand and I look forward to many more days and nights of riding as I wow the crowd. And this time all I gotta do is cruise by. No racing required" (Facebook)


Mario Andretti

Occupation: Former Racing Driver

Work: Championships in Formula One, NASCAR, and other top racing competitions in the world, inducted into the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Hall of Fame, was named "Driver of the Century," by RACER Magazine and the Associated Press (2000), Driver of the Year in the United States (1967, 1978, 1984), member of the International Motorsports Hall of Fame, the United States National Sprint Car Hall of Fame, the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America, the Hoosier Auto Racing Hall of Fame, the Automotive Hall of Fame, and the Diecast Hall of Fame.


  • "I'm just blown away as to all the details. All of it is really really well done, and I want one...I love that!" (Instagram)
  • This custom built Vanderhall was featured on the season finale of American Chopper along with Mario.


Video Credit: Paul Teutul Jr.


Alicia Franck

Occupation: Professional Cyclist

Work: Rides for Team Proximus-Alphamotors-Doltcini, top 10 cyclist in Belgium since 2020


  • "Not a bicycle but this is my favorite fun time on 3 wheels! 🤩" (Instagram)

Alicia Franck Test Driving a Vanderhall


Bun B

Occupation: Famous Rapper and Actor.

Work: Part of the UnderGround Kingz duo, released five solo albums, has multiple number 10 or higher hits on the American Billboard charts, awarded the 360 Legend Award, received the rare 5-mic rating from The Source, and was a guest lecturer at Rice University.


  • Used a Vanderhall in his music video, "Know What I'm Sayin." (Facebook)
  • Was the main vehicle in the music video with Bun B driving it.

Bun B In A Vanderhall

Photo Credit: Eado Big Boy Toy Rentals

Your Time to Drive

Whether you are a big name celebrity, or just someone who enjoys nice cars, Vanderhall is the next vehicle you need to take out. Find your local dealer, rent or buy one, and enjoy the nice driving vibes with this unique three-wheeler.

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If you are interested in getting official Vanderhall Motor Works gear to complement your ride, check out official licensed apparel here: Vanderhall Motor Works Collection.

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