Eight Great Vanderhall Vehicle Wraps

*Cover Photo Credit: Franco Ciola
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Vanderhall Motor Works is one of the most unique vehicles found on the road. With inspiration from old racing cars, this three-wheeled luxury vehicle always turns heads when out and about.

Vanderhall owners and celebrities alike love its slick and modern look. Even with how unique it is, some have customized their Vanderhalls further.

Here are eight great Vanderhall vehicle wraps that take the unique look to a new level.

Great Vanderhall Vehicle Wraps

Vanderhall #1 - Gulf Oil Wrap

Vanderhall Gulf Oil Wrap at SturgisPhoto Credit: Natalie Speers

For their plaza at the 2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Vanderhall created this wrap that mimics a Gulf Oil racing car. My favorite part about this wrap are the colors. While I know that comes down more to Gulf Oil's logo, I think the light blue and orange stripes look really good together and bring out the best of the Gulf Oil brand.

From colors to simplicity, this is a great callback to Gulf Oil Racing cars.

Vanderhall #2 - AT-6 Texan Wrap

Texas Oatmeal Black & Red Vanderhall WrapPhoto Credit: Texas Oatmeal

For me, three things stand out about this wrap to give off the AT-6 Texan theme: colors, bolts, and military logo. The black and red look really good together, and the added bolts on the outside connect the car to the airplane theme well. The wing logos near the tail end tire round out everything else.

This is a great-looking wrap for military plane enthusiasts to enjoy.

Wrap Done By: Wrap Garage/Rockwall Wraps, Greenville, TX

Vanderhall #3 - Miami Blue Wrap

Vanderhall Miami Blue WrapPhoto Credit: Franco Ciola

"This thing screams Miami in the best way possible." - Wheels Boutique

Miami native or not, the light blue color gives this Vanderhall a classic feel. While the blue is very bright, I like that it mixes with the white stripes to make it pop out while not hurting your eyes. These colors also give off ocean vibes that instantly connect me to going out on beach/summer drives.

This wrap not only screams Miami, but that Vanderhall is the perfect beach cruiser.

Vanderhall Miami Blue WrapPhoto Credit: Franco Ciola

Vanderhall #4 - Chopper Wrap

Vanderhall Chopper WrapPhoto Credit: @sarah75jean and @misswake

Just like Texas Oatmeal's AT-6 themed vehicle, this Vanderhall is modeled after an AH-1G Cobra helicopter. The wrap does a great job of making the car look like the copter with the colors and shark teeth graphics. The bolt and metal sheet graphics make the green body stand out, while the red seats complement the look. Even the Vanderhall name on the side is in military font.

All-in-all, this wrap is very realistic and has great detail that military professionals will appreciate.

Vanderhall #5 - Philadelphia Eagles Wrap

Philadelphia Eagles Vanderhall Wrap
Photo Credit: Philly Cycle

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What better way to show off pride in your team than with a customized Vanderhall? While I am not an Eagles' fan, the wrap is very sleek with the Eagles' green stripes on the white vehicle body. This makes sure that the green color does not dominate or take away from the Vanderhall. I also like how there is an Eagles' logo on the hood, the "Philly Special" slogan on the side, and an Eagles' football helmet on the back near the gas tank.

This customized Vanderhall is a wonderful tribute to the Eagles while not distracting from the vehicle's look itself.

Philadelphia Eagles Vanderhall Wrap - Gas Tank ViewPhoto Credit: Philly Cycle
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Vanderhall #6 - Martini Racing Wrap

Martini Racing Vanderhall WrapPhoto Credit: Martin Riese

While the Gulf Coast wrap was a simple callback to a racing car, this Martini Racing wrap takes things a step further. For one, the number 76 near the driver's wheel is a great addition along with the branded stripes on the side and tail end wheel cover. The water sommelier symbol also shows off how Martin Riese, the owner of this vehicle, is one of only a few global professional water tasters. 

This wrap does a great job in fully embracing the racing mantra and has great colors, numbers, and branding.

Martini Racing Vanderhall Wrap - Tail End Wheel CoverPhoto Credit: Martin Riese

Vanderhall #7 - AT-6 Texan Rust Wrap

Vanderhall AT-6 Texan Rust WrapPhoto Credit: Texas Oatmeal

"[This wrap] looks amazing..its got all the distressing, the extra weathered effect with all the rust look going on...We've got bullet holes along the sides everywhere...[We've got some] torn open sections that have some mechanical bits underneath..overall, pretty awesome job." - Mike, Texas Oatmeal

Texas Oatmeal calls this the "2.0 Version" of his previous wrap above, and I love his approach. Most of the wraps on this list look classic, but I like the differences this one shows. My favorite part is how the rust and the bullet holes look on the car. These two elements make the Vanderhall look more like a battered military plane and will surely turn more heads.

From all the wraps on this list, this one is the most unique, but still looks fantastic.

Wrap Done By: Wrap Garage/Rockwall Wraps, Greenville, TX

Vanderhall AT-6 Texan Rust WrapPhoto Credit: Texas Oatmeal

Vanderhall #8 - Houston Astros Wrap

Houston Astros Vanderhall WrapPhoto Credit: Roc Barajas

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This car doubles down on fan love for a sports team. With this wrap, the Houston Astros brand can be seen everywhere. From the stripes on the side, to the player stickers on the hood, this Vanderhall is an Astros fan's dream. My favorite part are the stripes along the side of the car. If all the stickers were taken off, and it just had the stripes and logo, I think the car would look even better.

For an Astros fan, this wrap is the perfect homage to the team.

. . .

Vanderhalls can be modified in many different ways. The eight above are only some of the ways that owners have customized theirs. 

With so many different options, what will you customize your Vanderhall to look like next? Let me know in the comments!


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