Summer Love - Celebrities Who Adore Vanderhall Motorworks

*Cover Photo Credit: Jamie Foxx

Sunshine, swimming, picnics, ice cream can only mean one thing: summer is here! 

Would summer be complete if we could not go on scenic drives? Think about it: nice weather, cooling winds, high speeds, beautiful scenery—these make drives worth it and fully encapsulates summer's free-spirited feeling.

Vanderhall Motorworks produces some of the best vehicles to enjoy perfect summer drives. Incorporating the best features from motorcycles and old racing cars, Vanderhall's three-wheeled models (the Venice, Carmel, and Edison) are unique, stylish, and fast. Designed specifically for city, sport, and tour driving, these vehicles are gaining more popularity.

Why just take my word for it? Five major celebrities also adore Vanderhall's models as fun summer vehicles. See what they have to say about these stylish cruisers.

Jamie Foxx

Occupation: Actor/Singer/Musician

Work: Movies include Ray (Won an Academy Award and Golden Globe), Django Unchained, Jarhead, The Soloist, White House Down, Spider-Man 2, and others. He has also recorded and published various music albums (


  • "In a word, Vanderhalls are fly. I have become a car guy in the past few years, and the Vanderhall is something different." (Cheney, Hollywood Reporter)
  • "#newtoy the Vanderhall got that sexy 3 wheel motion." (Jamie Foxx, Instagram)
Jamie Foxx in his Vanderhall Venice
Photo Credit: Jamie Foxx'
If you want the merchandise Jamie Foxx has on in this photo, we recommend checking out our Vanderhall Collection for officially licensed apparel.


Shaquille O'Neal

Occupation: TV Personality, Former NBA Player

Work: Played 19 seasons in the NBA for the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, and Boston Celtics. During his career, he was a 15 time All-Star, an MVP, an eight time All-NBA First Team selection, a three time Finals MVP, and a Rookie of the Year. (Land of Basketball) He now is a TV host for TNT with involvement in other shows.


  • "It's got class, is retro but still hits you with exotic flair at the same time." (Cheney, Hollywood Reporter)
  • Shaq specifically requested a customized Vanderhall that would accommodate his 7'1 frame. After the company made it, he sent back a video of him taking it out for a spin. See the video here.
  • He also put out a call on Instagram for all Vanderhall riders in the area to hit him up to do a "Rough Rider" type group drive. See the video he put out here.
Shaquille O'Neal In His Vanderhall
Photo Credit: Vanderhall Motorworks


Ashley Greene

Occupation: Actress & Model

Work: Most notable for being Alice Cullen in the five Twilight vampire movies. While she has appeared in other movies and TV shows, her most recent appearance was in the film Bombshell. (Eonline)



Ashley Greene in Her Vanderhall

Photo Credit: Marksman,

Jeremy Renner

Occupation: Actor & Musician

Work: Most recognizable for his role as Hawkeye in the Avengers Universe. Has also had roles in 28 Weeks Later, The Hurt Locker, Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol, The Bourne Legacy, and Arrival.


  • "Some killer new fun with Vanderhall...what a BLAST!" (Renner, Instagram)
  • Renner is commissioning his own customized Vanderhall after having spent several weeks test-driving the Venice model. (Cheney, Hollywood Reporter)
Jeremy Renner Riding A Vanderhall

Photo Credit: Vanderhall Motorworks of Los Angeles

Kyle Richards

Occupation: Actress and TV Personality

Work: Most notable for her role in the TV series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Made appearances as a younger actress in 1974's Little House on the Prairie. (IMDB)


  • "I love my #vanderhall!" (Richards, Twitter)
  • "Recently, I saw this man driving what looked like a luxury go-kart, and I asked him what it was, and he said, 'It's a Vanderhall.' And I thought, 'Oh well that could be a fun little toy to have,' and it's cheaper than a vintage Jag...Everyone stares at this car...The Vanderhall is very fun." (BravoTV)
Kyle Richards in Her Red Vanderhall

Photo Credit: Kyle Richards

Summer Drives Awaiting

Vanderhall Motorworks makes unique vehicles that celebrities are raving about. Each model's make and apparel are helping stars find fun driving while sporting new style. Vanderhall is their perfect summer vehicle, so why not let it be yours? Summer drives are waiting for you to make that decision.





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