It's Just Moon - Catching Up with Rising Esports Gamer BlakeTheMOON

Playing Smash. Competing weekly. Building friendships. These three things are what rising esports gamer BlakeTheMOON is doing on his channel. 

Late last week, Stadium Gear & Apparel welcomed BlakeTheMOON to their online community. With his original apparel line now for sale, Moon is the first esports merchandise line in Stadium Gear & Apparel's history.

To give a proper welcome, I caught up with BlakeTheMOON on his rising esports career.

BlakeTheMOON Interview 

Even with such highly publicized events like the first Fortnite World Cup, we have many people who are still unfamiliar with esports/streaming. What exactly is streaming on Twitch?

Streaming is like creating a Youtube video but it is done live and the people watching can interact with you at that moment. 


What inspired you to start streaming Super Smash Brothers Ultimate?       

Upon the release of the game, the best way to play with people was online. Streaming on Twitch in real-time lets you talk to these people and interact while you are playing the game. I started to go to tournaments in Utah and became familiar with others who were streaming the game.

Why do you only play Smash Ultimate?

When it comes to streaming, I am able to play anything, but this game is the newest in the series and it’s easy to play with multiple people. 

What has been your favorite part about competing in the Utah Smash scene?

It has been fun to grow and get better in my hobby here, but the best part has been the people I have met. The community is so accepting and super kind.

Your recently started your own apparel line to support your channel with some original designs. Tell me some of the stories behind some of these looks.

NO WIFI - Having bad internet is a joke in the Smash scene, so I made it a design.

MOON Apparel - NO WIFI Black Tee

Kirby - There is an Emoji on Twitch called POG. It is a surprised, happy, excited face. I put Kirby's face doing that emotion since he is very popular. 

MOON Apparel - Kirby Full Face (POG) Black Hoodie

Dark Samus - This is the character I play in the game, and so thought it would be great to put on some apparel.

MOON Apparel - Dark Samus Black Tank Top


What is the best way for people to support you right now as your following grows?

The best way to help is to be there when I stream. I try to make every stream exciting and worth showing up to. Following the channel is enough. 

What is the best advice you have for gamers looking to get involved in esports or streaming?

Esports- Every video game has competition. You just need to go on Facebook or Google to see event schedules.  It’s always fun to see how you size up against others and when you do this, it helps create a community.

Streaming- The most important rule for streaming is to never stream something you wouldn’t want to watch yourself.   


Thank you to BlakeTheMOON for answering a few questions for us, and again, welcome to Stadium Gear & Apparel!

Further Details

  1. To purchase some of his new merchandise (proceeds go back to supporting his channel), click here.
  2. To watch some of his streams, follow his channel on Twitch here.
  3. To stay social with Moon, follow his Twitter here, or his Instagram here.
  4. If you live in Utah and want to compete with Moon, check out his social media accounts on when he will be playing at LAN King, Utah's premier gaming lounge.

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