Better Together - The Story of Pangea Clothing

Before the world had seven separate continents, there was only one: Pangea. Due to continental rifting, the continents were broken up by the ocean and have been moving apart ever since.

Cisco Montes, founder of the Pangea Clothing, saw this event as a symbol of our day, and it inspired him to create a new apparel brand. Pangea Clothing is one of Stadium Gear & Apparel's newest lines and has been making headlines since its store launch.

I had the chance to ask Cisco a few questions on the story behind his brand. Check out our conversation below.

Story of Pangea Clothing

Cisco, congratulations on the online launch of Pangea Clothing. Tell us the story behind what lead you to start this new apparel line.

I wanted to to create a quality brand that people can wear in any adventure they take. Whether they’re outdoors being active or in the gym working on bettering their lifestyle. 

What is Pangea and why did you decide to go with that symbol to focus your brand around?

Pangea was the super continent over 300 million years ago before the continents have split. With recent events in the world we have become disconnected and it’s time to bring everyone back together. We hope to create a brand that people will love and enjoy and see other people wearing to maybe even be a conversation starter!

Your brand message is all about being "Better Together." What do you mean by that?

In any aspect working with multiple people brings out creativity, efficiency, communication. Every individual brings uniqueness to the table. Working together with different unique individuals always brings greatness.

We have a lot of sports brands and customers that we work with. How does the "Better Together" message translate to the sports industry as a whole?

In a lot of athletic topics you hear about teamwork and team players. There is nothing more important than unity when playing on a team. Along with the efforts of challenging each other to become greater. 

That is wonderful! Let's look at your designs now; tell us why you decided to design these styles in these specific ways.

I wanted my brand to be very universal. This is something you can wear out in the street or while playing sports and being active.  Every design we create we want to ensure it is a universal design. 

Pangea Clothing One World Tee

Pangea Clothing: One World Tee

Pangea Clothing Yellow Graphic Kids Tee

Pangea Clothing: Yellow Graphic Tees (Kids & Adults)


Where do you see your brand going after the online launch?

We want people to know this is a quality brand that they can wear on their craziest adventures. We hope to keep creating great designs that will keep people wanting more. 

How can fans be engaged with your brand going forward?

We would love to be tagged in any photos of people wearing our clothes while they are doing the things they love most. @_PANGEACLOTHING on Instagram!

Finally, what advice do you have for people going forward who are trying to do a better job of being "better together" with others in their community?

I have four things that people can do to work and live together with other community members. These are not big things, but through small things, great things can come in the future.

  • Any small act of kindness can go a long way. 
  • Do something everyday to help someone. 
  • Meet new people, everyone has a story.
  • Keep an open mind!

I hope that each person has the chance to do these four things. When more people do, the world will be better off for it.

. . .

As part of the Stadium Gear & Apparel team, I am excited to see the success of Pangea Clothing. With so many terrible and divisive things in the world, we can all do a little bit better in being good neighbors, serving one another, and being kind to everyone. We can all be "Better Together."

To purchase Pangea Clothing and rep your commitment to a unified world, click on the link here: Pangea Clothing Collection

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