Apparel Angle: Atlanta Hawks' New 2021 Uniforms

In the past three seasons, the Atlanta Hawks have a 73-158 record. Even with young hopefuls like Trae Young, John Collins, and Kevin Huerter, the Hawks are still at the bottom of the Eastern Conference. However, a new uniform for the 2020-2021 season is bringing the team back to its roots while giving fans something positive to enjoy among losing season.

What The New Uniforms Are All About

According to the new page entitled, "Forever True to Atlanta," the team decided to return to its roots to pay respects to the franchise's past while setting a new future course. Including colors like torch red, legacy yellow, infinity black, and granite gray, the Hawks have three types of uniforms nicknamed The Icon, The Statement, and The Association. With these three new uniforms, the Hawks are looking to blend the past, present, and future, as they look to compete in coming years.

Atlanta Hawks New 2021 UniformsPhoto Credit: Atlanta Hawks

My Apparel Angle

What do I think about the new look? Read below for my angle on what the team did well and what I thought could have been better with their new uniforms.

Apparel Positives

Here are a few thoughts on what the team did very well with these new jerseys.

  • Major Improvement: The one thing that I love about the new look is that the colors, lettering, and style are much better than the last line of Hawks' merchandise. The type of lettering they used for these uniforms look more crisp than previous ones. The colors also make more sensein the last line, the neon yellow looked off. The legacy gold is a much better fit. Also, I did not like the triangular-prism looking style of the fabric. I thought it was too distracting and was unnecessary.

      Atlanta Hawks Former Uniforms & LookPhoto Credit: Atlanta Hawks Store

      • Callback to Past: Repeatedly through their branding communication, the Hawks have talked about how the colors and new logos reintroduce "elements true Hawks fans have to know and love." (Hawks) The yellow, red, and white are all fantastic callbacks to one of the most beloved Hawks uniform of all time, the 1982-1992 road uniforms. I think going back to this look (with some modern touches) is a great way to re-engage older fans, and tie back in with a retro franchise feel.

      Atlanta Hawks 1982-1992 Road Uniform 

      Photo Credit: Bleacher Report 

      Apparel Negatives

      While the new uniforms look a lot better and connect well to franchise history, I do wish there were a few things that they kept or did differently.

      • What I See: Each uniform looks very crisp, but when I first saw the black one, I thought it looked like a uniform that Love's Travel Spots sponsored. The colors are very similar, and I immediately saw Love's written all over it. I wish this uniform did not remind me of a gas station at first glance, because it actually looks great. I do not know how to change that, but maybe if they switched the colors slightly so they did not look as similar.

      Love's Gas Station - Colors Are Similar to New Atlanta Hawks UniformsPhoto Credit: Love's Travel Stops

      • Logo On Waist: Having the logo on the waistband just looks strange to me. With having the NBA and Air Jordan logos, colorful stripes down the side, and the primary logo on each side, I think this extra logo is overkill. I like the new logo, but they did not need another piece of artwork on these pair of shorts. 

      New Atlanta Hawks Black Uniform ShortsPhoto Credit: Atlanta Hawks New Uniforms

      Did the Hawks Succeed? 

      I love these new uniforms. From the sleek look, bold colors, and great history, I think the Atlanta Hawks did a wonderful job changing things up. The positives on the new look far surpass the minor problems I had with it. With how great the new apparel is, I wonder why they even switched it up at all from the 1980s look.

      Final Grade: A

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