A New Era of Cyclist: An Inside Look Into the Three-Wheel Bike Life Movement with Jason Avila

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For years, the motorcycle industry has been declining. In 2020 alone, the two-wheeler segment declined by 9.1% and companies, like Harley Davidson, frantically tried to adapt strategy to fit consumer needs with new products like their new electric bicycle. However, there is one new segment that is on the rise: the three-wheeler.

With enhanced safety and stability, three wheelers provide a unique experience for younger and older riders compared to the traditional motorcycle. Because of this, demand for these products has grown tremendously in recent years with strong predictions of growth for the future. Companies like Polaris, Can-Am, and Vanderhall Motor Works are some of the groups who are producing popular products and taking advantage of this change.

Surrounding these new products is a new Bike Life movement that supports community and the next generation of riders. To get a deeper glimpse into this cultural change, I was fortunate enough to talk with Jason Avila, a promoter of the movement based in the Northeast. 

A New Era of Cyclist: An Inside Look With Jason Avila

How did you first fall in love with motorcycles?

I was born in Harlem Hospital, Manhattan, but raised in the Bronx at the St. Mary's Project.  When I was young, I loved motorcycles and watching DMX and the Ruff Ryders popping wheelies while riding thru the Bronx. I was 14 years old watching them riding with 20 to 40 people thru my projects. One day, I said I wanted to be like them. Then came the new era of bikersMeek Mills and his team popping wheelies and ridding with hundreds of bikers thru Philly. I never saw them riding in person, but I saw his documentaries and that was enough to have me purchase my first bike (Can-Am Spyder). 
I give thanks to Meek Mills for motivating me to purchase my first bike. Although he rode in two wheels, I plan to change the narrative with three wheels. 

Since your first purchase, what other three-wheelers do you own?

I own several three-wheel bikes.  My first purchase was in 2011 when my friend Ro from Connecticut sold me his Can Am Spyder. Then I purchased another Can-Am Spyder with a Polaris Slingshot. Afterwards, I purchased the Vanderhall Venice with a Can-Am Ryker, and then got a Vanderhall Speedster.

3wheeljay With His Can Am RykerJason with his Can Am Ryker 

What do you like about your Vanderhall Speedster compared to other bikes?

Vanderhall Speedster have been the best bike I bought thus far. It’s different in style, it draws more attention, and is one of the smoothest rides than any other bike I've bought.

@3wheeljay with his Vanderhall SpeedsterJason With His Vanderhall Speedster

How did you first see/hear about Vanderhall?

I first heard about the Vanderhall Venice from my God Brother @ace152. He sent me a picture of the Vanderhall Venice back in 2017 and from there, the rest is history. I fell in love with it, and purchased my first Vanderhall shortly after.

Tell us the story about your gold Vanderhall. Why did you decide to do a full gold body?

I decided to wrap my Vanderhall Gold because I wanted to be different and I wanted it to pop out. It sure worked!

@3wheelyjay Vanderhall GoldThe Vanderhall Gold

After buying my Vanderhall in Philly, I went to Locomotion Powersports in Jersey to buy me some nice gloves. The owner saw my Vanderhall, asked me several questions on how it rides and how I liked it, then reached out to Vanderhall and started selling them the following week. Eventually, a few of my friends would end up purchasing several Vanderhalls from the dealer.

What role do you feel you have played in the Bike Life Movement? 

As far as what role I have in this community, I would have to let the people decide that.  I hope my role is good and influential.  My intention was always to be a positive role model to my Bike Life family and try to combine fashion with the lifestyle.  I tell you what thoughit seems that people like what I’m doing. I went from having less than 100 likes per picture with barely any views on Instagram to having several hundred likes and thousands of views.  I only hope my platform gets bigger and that I make my Bike-Life family proud. 

What have been your favorite Bike Life fashion pieces to wear?

My favorite Bike Life fashion pieces would be gloves and something that I barely hear anyone talk about would be Bike Life overalls. Something simple as gloves will help your bike pop out just a little more, especially if you pick bright color gloves.
@3wheeljay Gold Vanderhall With Red Gloves

Jason With The Vanderhall Gold And Red Riding Gloves

As far as overalls, I can’t give you all my secrets but just be on a look out for urban Bike Life overall apparel when that day comes.

On your account, you show a lot about some of the group rides you have participated in. Which ones have been your favorite?

Some of my best rides have been the Cancer Ride Out where I joined forces with Freedom Bloxx Apparel, the Philly Cheesesteak Ride Out with my family Team Spyder, and the Bear Mountain Ride Out with Sling Squad NY

Why should Vanderhall or other bike companies consider doing group rides in their community?

Vanderhall and other bike companies should always do events in communities. You want to be seen, you want people to know who you are.  How are people going to know who you are if you are never around? How do you expect to target the new era of bikers coming up?

You have to go into these communities, talk with the people, cater to the younger generation, and sell them on why you are the best bike company and why they should buy into your product.  My passion is bikes, so I can only do so much to help bring attention to the product I bought. It will be great if Vanderhall and I can work out something to bring forth some new ideas.

What are your plans now, as we head into 2021?

Today I do charity events and collaboration with different urban fashion designers.  My plan is to give back to my community, create the best fashion line, and be the role model that I aspire to be by using my Vanderhall and other bikes.   

. . .

To follow Jason and the Three-Wheel Bike Life Movement, follow his Instagram account (@3wheeljay) and look forward to his new YouTube channel. 

To purchase official Vanderhall Motor Works apparel and merchandise, check out our full collection here: Vanderhall Fashion & Merchandise.

If you are interested in sharing your Bike Life Movement story or Vanderhall story with our audience, please leave a comment below or message us on social media (@stadiumgearapparel) Please also leave a comment if you would like to sell your own bike fashion on our website.



  • I own Speedster # 20

    Glenn T.
  • Jason has been a friend of mine for a few years now and I can attest that his passion and love for bikes is out of this world. He has definitely brought out a new wave of bike riding into communities that wouldn’t even pay attention to riders like him and his team. I always told Jay that he was going to be a big deal in this bike life and watching him continuously grow is just a bit of what’s in store for him! I’m So proud of him and this new venture he is embarking. Keep shining young King you got this!

    Patricia Divine
  • J is one of the most positive and humbled person I know. Whether your on 3 wheels or 2 wheels, it doesn’t matter as long as your standing next to him your apart of the crew.

    Ramon Ocasio

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