41 United - USA Volleyball Regions' Campaign To Help Those Impacted By COVID-19

COVID-19 has been the sports slayer. Ever since March 11, 2020, team sports at all levels have been put on hold. The pandemic has not only cancelled major events, but it has put some sports organizations at the breaking point.

In volleyball, 40 regions govern USA Volleyball's amateur programs. Regions are dedicated to building the sport in their areas and managing local play.

Like other sports, the volleyball regions have faced cancellations and disappointment as teams ceased playing and practicing. They have also faced challenges in sustaining day-to-day operations. No playing means less economic stability as club dues, tournament dues, and others can not be met. Club teams also face the same challenges along with keeping their players safe and healthy.

With these challenges, USA Volleyball's 40 Regions came together to form a unified campaign that would support clubs and members who have been greatly affected by the pandemic.

41 United T-Shirt Campaign

40 Regions. 1 Family. 41 United.

This is the t-shirt campaign to unite and support the volleyball community. When you purchase a t-shirt, the proceeds will be equally distributed among each volleyball region. Every region will then use the funds as needs-based grants to support their most-affected clubs and members.

41 United USA Volleyball Region T-Shirt - Proceeds Go to Help Sustain Volleyball Community

This is a great cause to support. Volleyball is a beautiful sport that encourages teamwork, communication, respect, and hard work. The pandemic has suffocated opportunities for players. Without clubs and regions, players are not be able to participate at the highest or any level of amateur competition. 

If you want to make a positive difference in your volleyball community, we recommend you get one of these shirts. Show your support and help those who are in need.

Purchase your shirt here: 41 United T-Shirt

Interested in participating in youth or adult beach/indoor volleyball leagues? Check out which region to join through USA Volleyball here: Volleyball Membership

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