10 Rugby Memes to Get You Through the Holidays

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PrefaceRugby is a sport unlike any other—it also has memes unlike any other. 

Gift Egbelu is at the forefront of the rugby meme universe. Having played collegiate rugby at the University of South Florida and covered rugby for more than seven years, Gift is an expert in rugby lifestyle and humor. Not only does he know his memes, but he is always creating great content to entertain fans throughout the world. 

Enjoy his rugby memes to get you through this upcoming holiday season! If you are looking for some great rugby apparel gifts, feel free to check out our rugby collection here.

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10 Rugby Memes to Get You Through the Holidays

By Gift Egbelu


This has been a crazy year in so many fashions. Whether it has been the insanity of the pandemic and the restrictions that we’ve felt, the amount of rugby that we lost for this year, including moving the Olympics to next year, or the fact that the Argentina Pumas defeated the New Zealand All Blacks for the first time in history, we can say this has been one for the ages. 

With all the wildness, we have come down to the final couple months of 2020. The one thing that needs to always be held on to during these strange times is the laughter that we all have inside us. We might not have been able to experience the full joys of rugby all season long, but we definitely can benefit from the comedy that we can get from rugby 

As a result, here are 10 of my favorite rugby memes


Rugby is a sport that can be played at any age. For the long-time players who play club rugby, sometimes the life catches us faster than we realize.

Gift-Time Rugby Network Rugby Meme #10


One of the underappreciated, but crazy valuable positions in rugby is prop. Despite whatever jokes you may have, losing a good prop changes the possession game in the realest way for your team.

Gift-Time Rugby Network Rugby Meme #9


Sometimes, it's the simple things that soothe the pain 



There is nothing like the post-game rugby feeling. Pretty sure that anyone who started playing again recently is already experiencing this.

Gift-Time Rugby Network Rugby Meme #7


This is one tradition that doesn’t ever get fully appreciated until you experience it. I mean, I remember when they explained it to me, and I was just staring like, “What is wrong with you?”. Then I experienced, and I was like, “What is wrong with me...but who gonna stop me?”

Gift Time Rugby Network Rugby Meme #6


As a flanker, this is probably one of my favorite moments. It’s the head hunting that does it for me.

Gift-Time Rugby Network Rugby Meme #5



That first hit changes everything. It's the most powerful feeling in the world at that moment. Then you have the rest of the match to finish.


It's so beautifully awkward, but so beautifully fun


That first game can be extremely hectic, and the pressure can be real.


This is my favorite meme ever. It not only embodies everything that it is to be a rugby player or participate in the rugby community, but it was something that I created. Always good for a chuckle.

Gift-Time Rugby Network Rugby Meme #1

. . .

So, that’s it. These are 10 of my favorite memes that will help you through the holiday season. I hope that you are continuing to keep yourself well during these times. We’re seeing more and more rugby pop up, and so there is going to be plenty to watch in the next coming year. I hope that you are staying safe, healthy and happy. 


Gift Egbelu is the Editor in Chief of GiftTime Rugby Network, Founder and Director of the HBCU Rugby Classic, Host of the Greaux Rugby Podcast, and CEO of GiftTime Media and Productions. You can follow him on IG and Facebook @GiftTimeRugby and follow the podcast @GreauxRugbyPodcast. You can check out all the pages at www.gifttimemedia.com.


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